Friday, January 30, 2009

Yay, Aunt Darcy!

Before Mommy's interview, we went to see Aunt Darcy at her office. I got to walk around, and she took us to have lunch.

I demanded more cuddling!

And I got it :)

Later, Mommy showed me her picture on Facebook and I waved to her. I hope I get to see her again soon!

Last weekend.

Apparently, Mommy only wants to take pictures of me on weekends anymore. Last weekend, we went to Madison (again!) because Mommy had another interview.

I got to see my Uncle Kyle. I wasn't sure whether he could be trusted at first. I know he used to have a beard, and I don't like beards.

But when I got a little closer, I noticed he was smiling, not growling!

Eventually, I warmed up to him and we were good buddies.

Oh! And Mommy got a new phone because she washed her last one in Nana's washing machine. It plays music! I like to carry it and dance.

I like to play at Nana and Grandpa's house. Last weekend, I found the perfect spot to sit and play. I sat there a lot!

Mommy finished my new sweater last weekend too! I think I look mighty handsome in it. And yeah, that's a tiny little tear on my face. I don't like having things over my eyes, and was not happy about Mommy putting the sweater over my head. She's lucky I look so good in it, or I would have been extra mad!

Also, on Monday I got to visit with my Aunt Darcy! I'll put some pictures up later though, because they're still on Daddy's iPhone.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Okay, are you ready? This is going to be loooooong...

I went on vacation 2 weeks ago. I went to Nana & Grandpa's house in Madison. While I was on vacation, Mommy and Daddy went on a cruise (they had to do SOMETHING while I was relaxing).

So while I was helping the good folks at Olbrich Gardens to pick up fallen tropical nuts,

Mommy and Daddy were hanging out in Cozumel.

And while I was tasting red,

Mommy and Daddy were playing on swings and drinking grown up drinks.

And while I was snuggling with Nana,

Mommy and Daddy were crossing a pretty river in Belize!

While I helping showing Grandpa how to use the computer,

Mommy and Daddy were visiting Mayan ruins.

While I was trying out my new rain boots,

Mommy and Daddy were snorkeling in Costa Maya.

And while I was busy building things,

Mommy and Daddy were hanging out in port.

While I was learning to drive,

Mommy was stuck in the stocks in the Bahamas.

And finally, while I was being a daredevil,

Mommy and Daddy were coming back home to pick me up from my vacation!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New 'do

Well, Mommy finally caved. When she got home from her vacation with Daddy, she realized how badly I needed a haircut. So the next day...

I think I look much more grown up, and much more handsome (if that's even possible!)

Stay tuned for a super long post about my vacation and what Mommy & Daddy did while I was hanging out with Nana & Grandpa!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dx: Double Ear Infection

Rx: Double Nuks!

Daddy took this picture yesterday when I stayed home sick. I'm being a very good boy about taking my medicine though, so I'm feeling much better already!

Monday, January 5, 2009